Phase 2 Churchill Fellowship travels to France

I cannot believe this time has arrived when I came back from the USA and Canada it felt like I had a lot of time until this trip.

I left home on South Uist on Friday and what a beautiful morning I left on:

This is Ben Mor on South Uist from my garden.

I know that some of those I met in Canada and USA look at my blog so I’ll share some pictures from South Uist to entice you all to visit !

These five pictures have all been taken in the last 5 days, the first one by me and the others by my brother in law Davy McComb.

I have already arrived in Paris. The map below shows where I hope to travel too…The trip involves visits in Paris to meet with people who work at Sante Publique France which is the French Public Health Agency.

In Strasbourg I will meet with staff who work at the National Centre for Borrelia and Borreliosis( Unistra)

In Lyon I will visit the campus Veterinaire de Lyon and will travel to its connected site at Clermont- Ferrand-Thiex.

I will also visit some of the well known and loved sites in these cities.

I will keep you updated..


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