Quebec City

We left St Hyacinthe with a snow weather warning and travelled to Quebec City. In Canada all cars have to be fitted with snow tyres, it is illegal to drive a car without them after the 15th on November, we travelled with the hire car without the snow tyres, but we needed have worried the roads were very clear.

Quebec City had lovely buildings

A castle on a hill

Lots of art shops with lovely paintings on displays

Snowy views

Two spectacular mural’s painted onto the side of two buildings

And they were going all out with the Christmas decorations

It was a lovely place to visit and we only really saw the old town, I would thoroughly recommend it for a holiday.

After a quick visit in Quebec City we made our way back to Boston for our five flights home! and I have to commend all the airlines we travelled on every single flight left on time and we made all the connections with time to spare.

It was a very wet Boston, but we ventured out.

And that brings to an end phase 1 of my Churchill travels ( phase 2 is France in February 2019). I have met lots of interesting people and saw lots of the work being done. I now have to collate all I have learnt and look forward to arranging the next trip. I hope you have enjoyed the blog, it has been like a diary for me of all the things I saw and did and I hope it will help when it comes to writing my fellowship report.


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  1. Just read through your whole blog Isabell. What an interesting and amazing trip you’ve had! Good luck with pulling together all you’ve learned and deciding how to move it forward – a lot of work.
    Also loved all the photos from the various places you visited (professionally & with DA). Thank you for sharing and looking forward to following your French chapter in 2019 x

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