I have included some of the resources I have seen or were recommended to me while here in Canada, this list is not exhaustive there are other resources too.

Land management tips

Kirby Stafford from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, has a book that is the most referenced resource for environmental tick management . Kirby very kindly gave me a copy and he said the book is being reviewed and updated.

Other resources used in Canada

General public information leaflets

Small Information cards

More information available at:

Tick warning poster I saw displayed in Bromont

Cards that were available at St Bruno National Park

INSPQ (Institute National de Santa Publique)

A website that is accessible to all and contains lots of information about all public health issues including the mapping of Lyme risk (in French).

Website address:

An anecdote from one of the meetings I attended which mentioned the INSPQ website is that until 2 weeks ago Lyme disease was the most viewed page on the INSPQ website, that changed when Cannabis was legalised- looking at Cannabis has overtaken Lyme disease.

I participated in a telephone conference with Dr Ariane Adam-Poupart, Dr Alejandra Irace-Cima, Catherine and Nick (from Rue Sicotte)where they discussed the work of the Ministry of Health , this includes public and health professional awareness.

The ministry develop notices and distribute them to parks etc.

They arrange annual meetings with Dr’s, Nurses and Pharmacists in regions- the intensity of information does depend on the risk in the area- as the risk. Maps demonstrate not all areas are affected so it is important to target activities that are relevant.

They are working on projects with outdoor workers and their employers to increase awareness , developing elearning/videos etc. They are educating workers to collect data in their own parks and hey had a small pilot last year with 60 workers. Phase 2 is a ‘train the trainers’ event and extend the range of parks they work with and widen the project to include public education.

Some other ideas being considered are offering free bug spray (insect repellant) with the hand gel in parks.

At this meeting I heard about the use of prophylaxis in tick bites


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