Public engagement

A public platform for image-based identification and population monitoring of ticks in Canada

Description: The emergence of Lyme disease and the rapid geographical range expansion of certain tick species in Canada are important issues for public health authorities and the public in general. Following tick populations on such a large territory is also expensive and logistically challenging. The citizen science project therefore invites the public to participate in the monitoring of ticks in Canada by submitting tick photos on for identification by a professional. The identification results, combined with other data such as collection date and locality can then be consulted and mapped so that all users may visualize the information related to any/all species for any given year and/or geographical area. 

Access to is free and it is not necessary to contribute data in order to consult the where people are encouraged to document their experience of tick exposure.

Map- dots indicate where people have inserted data:

Next image is where I selected a dot and it shows the data that was added

The site can be accessed with this link:

The University of Montreal in collaboration with other organisations are currently looking at a project to develop a tick app. If funding is secured it will be an integrated tool for tick borne disease prevention and public health surveillance. Tick and Lyme risk is different across the regions of Canada therefore the risk communication messages would have to be adapted – the traditional communications activities delivered through websites and media would not be able to differentiate the messages for the changing risk areas.

Another public engagement online site is from Rhode Island University ‘Tick’

It’s a very interactive site with lots of Information.


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