Last minute preparations

I have decided to write a couple of posts before I depart Uist to test whether I can actually blog Image result for scared face icon, so I do need some responses back, that way I’ll know I have reached an audience.

My interest in Lyme disease comes from living in South Uist in the Western Isles of Scotland, where there has been increasing levels of cases being reported. When I started working in Public Health in 2015 Graham Charlesworth a Vet in South Uist who is also my mothers neighbour told me “great you’ll be able to do something about Lyme disease now!!”.

Since 2015 within my role as a Health Protection and Screening Nurse Specialist I have been working with my colleagues on Lyme disease, we have looked at the data being recording, collated accurate figures, raised our concerns nationally to enlist help to tackle the issues. Locally we produced resources and have undertaken activities and attended events to educate people on the risks and what they can do.i+c

In 2017 I applied to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, following encouragement from my manager Dr Maggie Watts who is a ‘Churchill fellow’ and realised the opportunity overseas travel would give to learn how other countries with a high incidence managed Lyme disease.

The primary aim of my project is to understand how other countries have tackled the challenges associated with tick prevalence and the increase of Lyme disease. I hope to explore the opportunities and messages used for raising awareness and the interventions which reduce the associated risks. I aim to gain knowledge on the environmental, land management and ecology activities that have been undertaken to assess the risks and assess their applicability to our community. Through my travels, findings and analysis I would like to be able to add to the knowledge that is available in the Western Isles, Scotland and the UK about ticks, Lyme disease and other relevant tick borne disease.

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